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TBS Cloud Services

TBS Cloud Services is an alternative to a local installation on your company servers. We offer care for your entire biometric system. Benefit from secure access from anywhere, anytime – with a guaranteed level of availability.

TBS Cloud Services can be combined with any cloud software from our reseller partners.




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TBS Cloud Services

TBS Cloud Services are either offered in combination with our reseller partners or directly by TBS. Request a quote. 


Please note that you will need a reseller for the installation and maintenance of TBS devices. We’d be pleased to help you find a close and suitable partner.

TBS Care

This service label stands for guaranteed updates and lifelong telephone and email support of your installation – either directly or indirectly by our reseller partners. TBS Care increases your Return on Investment threefold:


  1. Through continual availability of updates, security is held on top-level during lifetime
  2. Biometric challenges are supported and resolved, keeping performance constant
  3. Changing business processes can be managed with no or minimal investments thanks to system flexibility and free advisory



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Try & Buy

Not familiar with biometrics or not sure if your team will like it? We’ve lowered the entrance barrier. If your company has a new project in access control or T&A with a potential for at least twenty-five devices, get in touch with us. We will provide you with a fully operational test device to try out for two months – for free.

If satisfied, acquire it via your reseller or, if not, simply return it to us.